Chef Olivier Limousin’s
Foie Gras with Peaches & Hazelnuts

Chef Scotty Pickett’s
Marron Bolognese with Salmon Caviar

Chef Markus Glocker’s Lamb Shank with Cous Cous, Carrots & Confit of Lime

Chef Matt Macartney’s Chargrilled Calamari & Australian Marron

Chef Ron Paprocki’s Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake

Chef Peter Frost’s Crab, Avocado & Watermelon Salad

Chef Pierre Khodja’s Moroccan Tagine with Marron

Chef Andrew McCrea’s Trout and Ham

Chef Christian Etchebest’s White Chocolate Mousse with Apples & Cake

Chef Scott Pickett’s Pheasant, Charred Baby Corn, Quince & Chestnuts

Chef Alessandro Frau’s Pan Fried Scallops & Fois Gras

Chef Nic Poelaert’s Bass Cooked in Squid
with Vegetables, a Burnt Carrot Puree & Citrus

Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner’s Lobster, Cherries, Fava Beans & Bernaise Sauce Pt.1

Chef Andrew McCrea’s Sambucca Pudding

Chef David Pommier’s King Fish Cappaccio with Coriander & Wasabi Mousse, Baby Watercress & Bell Pepper Dressing

Chef Claude Perraudin’s Pot of Seafood

Chef Tony Twitchett’s Sticky Pork with Red Chilli Dressing & Seared Scallops

Chef Pierre Khodja’s Lamb Rack, Braised Shoulder, Merguez Sausage, Almonds & Raisins

Chef Tony Twitchett’s Lemongrass Broth Over Crayfish

Chef Tammasak Chootoong’s Isaan Style Spicy Tuna Tartare

Chef Jake Nicolson’s Warm Miso Glazed Eel with Avocado Puree, Apple, Pickled Kohlrabi, Prawn Crackers & Dancing Bonito

Chef Chaloem Chaiseeha’s Kaeng Ped Bed Yang: Duck in Red Curry

Chef Claude Perraudin’s Array of Pork

Chef Riccardo Momessi’s Slow Braised Veal Cheeks
with a Roman Cauliflower Salad

Chef Stuart Bell’s King George Whiting, Fennel Puree, Fennel Confit and Dill Gnocchi

Chef Alessandro Frau’s Yellowfin Tuna Carpaccio

Chef David Dellai’s Stinging Nettle Guadretti
with Braised Wagyu Cheek

Chef Markus Glocker’s Tomato Ice Cream, Compressed Melons, Fried Basil and Hibiscus Salt

Chef Stuart Bell’s Rhubarb, Cashmere Goat Cheese Snow, Rhubarb, Celery & Mint Sorbet

Chef Ajax Mtz’s New Style ‘Ajo Blanco’ with Frangelico Jelly

Chef Pascal Aussignac’s Foie Gras de Catard Marine aus Mirabelles, Sel Croquant a L’Hibiscus Pt.1

Chef Claude Perraudin’s Foie Gras and Spinach Leaves

Chef Jake Nicolson’s Veal: Grilled Loin, Braised Breast
& Tongue with a Sweet bread Cromesqui

Chef Alessandro Frau’s 45 minute Slow Cooked Egg

Chef Terrance Brennan’s Fois Gras “Shabu Shabu”

Chef Christian Etchebest’s Beetroot Salad

Chef Dallas Cuddy’s Rolled Rabbit with Carrots,
Wild Asparagus & Carrot Cream

Chef Diego Munoz’s Sydney Rock Oysters,
Alaskan King Crab, Cous Cous & Avocado

Chef Olivier Limousin’s Les Langoustines en Papilotes Croustillantes au Basilic

Chef Nathan J Castle’s Cured King Fish with Fennel & Orange Salad

Chef Anthony Sasso’s Baby Chopitos with Okra Sofrito & Bomba Rice

Chef Jake Nicolson’s “Our Vegetables”

Chef Dallas Cuddy’s Rolled Rabbit with Carrots,
Wild Asparagus & Carrot Cream

Chef Scott McDonald’s Braised Short Ribs

Chef Mathew Macartney’s Chargrilled Calamari and Australian Marron

Chef Ajax Mtz’s Marinated Scallops, Mandarin Foam & Soy Pearls

Chef Chaloem Chaiseeha’s Pla Goong: Hot & Spicy Prawn Salad

Chef Tammasak Chootong’s Salmon Wrapped In Rice Noodle Yellow Curry

Chef Mathew Macartney’s ‘Vegetable Garden’

Chef Bruno Doucet’s Remoulade of King Crab with Apple, Coriander & Dried Tomato

Chef Nathan J Castle’s Slow Cooked Pork Belly, Pumpkin Puree & Veal Jus

Chef Benoit Gauthier’s Filet of Ling on a Bed of Three Colored Carrots and Chorizo

Chef Diego Munoz’s Broccoli, Pistachio,
Goats Milk Blue Cheese & Baby Sorrel

Chef Ron Paprocki’s Vanilla Semifreddo with Local Blueberries. Ginger Cake & Yoghurt Sorbet

Chef Bruno Doucet’s Paleron of Boeuf

Chef Warren Flanagan’s Head Ham with Radishes & Pecorino

Chef Alessandro Frau’s Lobster Salad, Catalana Style

Chef Dallas Cuddy’s Melon, Caramel & Malt,
Meringue & Orange Blossom Dessert.

Chef Scotty Pickett’s Aylesbury Duck Breast with a Burnt Mandarin Puree & Heirloom Carrots

Chef Billy Oliva’s Seared Sea Scallops, Sweet Corn Pudding, Chanterelles, Smoked Bacon & Black Summer Truffle

Chef Alessandro Frau’s Angus Beef Tartare

Chef Billy Oliva’s Seared Strip Loin with a Radish Salad, Soy Pearls. Black Hawaiian Sea Salt & Ginger Vinegar

Chef Ron Paprocki’s Peach Shaboose with Lemon Verbena and Compressed Fresh Peaches

Chef Alessandro Frau’s Sous Vide Octopus Salad

Chef Benoit Reix’s Chocoloate Mousse

Chef David Pommier’s Grilled Whole New Zealand Sole
with Vangole, Parsley & Lemon Butter

Chef Chaloem Chaiseeha’s Larb Gai:
Isaan Chicken Salad

Chef Benoit Reix’s Maqui of Veal

Chef Lukas Pfaff’s Slow Cooked Suckling Pig, Wild Fennel and Sea Purslane

Chef Nathan J Castle’s Chocolate Brandy Mousse

Chef Chef Richard Burt’s Ocean Trout Wrapped in Ocean Trout Mousse & Coated in Poppy Seeds

Chef Markus Glocker’s Brand Beef Carpaccio, Bone Marrow, Caviar & Watermelon Radish