Thank You For Your Submission

Hello and welcome, I’m Dean Silva, founder of “Today’s World Kitchen”.

You’re receiving this email as you’ve recently submitted a request to post a position on our jobs wall for a, Personal Chef, Estate or Manor Chef, Super Yacht Chef.

As opposed to our online Job Posting Board, the process to fill this position you will find is very personalized and managed by myself exclusively and treated with the utmost discretion and privacy.

All the Chefs we represent on our site have been screened by me personally and have had thorough background and reference checks.

When submitting this position we asked for your contact details and time zone so I will be following this email with a phone call to discuss further parameters relating to this position to ensure the best possible candidate to for fill this role.

Please note that I have over 30 years experience working as a personal Chef and possess a very strong global network within this field.

Dean Silva.