Chef Matt Macartney


Char Dining


Kilsyth in Victoria, Australia

Studied Under

Alla Wolf Tasker, Daniel Boulard, Raymond Capaldi, Carlos Scarpra


Alla Wolf Tasker, Kate McGee, Matteo Pignatelli

Favorite Chefs

Grant Achatz, Thomas Keller, Brett Graham

Who would you be nervous cooking for?

All the above

Favorite Ingredient

Seafood of all types because of the balance and versatility

Dream Dinner Party Guests

Marie-Antoine Careme, Albert Einstein, Ferrar Adria, Michael Jackson

Where do you like to eat and why?

I like to eat in restaurants that are light and fresh; Estelle, Chin Chin


Passionate people, people who continually evolve

General Likes

Fresh produce and people who cook from the heart & with generosity



Favorite Music

Eclectic, hip hop, alternative, rock


Cooking, spending time with my family


To one day own a restaurant that is well loved and with good patronage

Charities you support

Anglicare Australia, Feed Melbourne, Stroke Foundation

Photo Credits
Chef Portrait
Food Photography + + TWK Founder Dean Silva