Chef Diego Munoz


1111 Peruvian Bistro in Miami and PMY in Denmark




Le Grand Vefour


Tony Bilson, Andoni Luis Aduriz

What inspires you? 

Training, old styles.


Be Passionate


Peruvian born Diego Munoz is very well travelled and equally well respected. Whilst at the helm of Astrid y Gaston in Lima, Peru, Chef Munoz bumped the restaurant’s place on the World’s 50th Best Restaurant up considerably, in just a short amount of time.

Munoz trained in Canada, and shortly after was admitted to the Le Cordon Bleu Canada and Paris in 1998. At the Paris Le Cordon Bleu he was awarded “Grand Diplôme”.

He has worked at such reputable restaurants all over the world, including Mugaritz and El Bulli before working in Australia at The Royal Mail, in Dunkeld, Victoria and Bilson’s Restaurant Sydney.

A keen surfer, Munoz has a few fingers in a few pies, one of which involves a Peruvian Restaurant in Miami and another involving a restaurant in Lisbon with good friend José Avillez.

He continues to travel around the world, attending various events and continuously learning about local product and sustainability; is inspired by training and old styles; cites Tony Bilson and Andoni Luis Aduriz as mentors and has this philosophy: Be passionate.

Munoz is also quite the fan of vegemite.

***Please Note: When we met with Chef Diego he was at Bilson’s Restaurant in Sydney (now closed)***

Photo Credits
Chef Portrait
Food Photography + TWK Photographer James Tate