Chef David Pommier


Glass Dining and Lounge Bar 


Auxerre Cooking University, France

Favorite Chef

My Grandmother

Who would you be nervous cooking for?

Michelin Guild food critic

Favorite ingredient

Chinook Salmon

Dinner Party Dream Guest

Heston Blumenthal

Where do you like to eat and why?

At Glass, so I can keep an eye on the kitchen


Different seasons of the year

General Likes

Trying out challenging dishes


Bad organization and messy Chefs

Favorite Music

Rock and Roll




To be a well respected Chef

Charities You Support

Children’s Cancer Foundation


David Pommier was trained at the Auxerre Cooking University in France. Now residing in Australia, Pommier has mainly based himself in QLD where he is currently serving as head chef at Glass Dining and Lounge Bar.

Prior to this, Pommier was sous chef at Southport Yacht Club, QLD and head chef at Emerald Lakes.

Pommier is inspired by the different seasons in the year; likes to try out challenging dishes; loves to golf and aspires to be a well-respected chef. If he were to host a dinner party, he would like to cook for Heston Blumenthal but would be nervous cooking for a Michelin Guide food critic. His favourite ingredient is Chinook Salmon and, being on the waterfront and busy, he likes to dine at Glass so he can keep an eye on the kitchen.

Pommier cites his grandmother as his favourite chef.


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Chef Portrait TWK Founder Dean Silva
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