Incorporating Pineapple Into Your Recipes
 For years, fresh pineapples were most commonly served alongside a breakfast dish, or as a cocktail garnish. However, the online community for chefs at Today’s World Kitchen is finally giving this juicy fruit the recognition it deserves by featuri...DETAILS
2020 Tips: How to Avoid Chef Burnout
With any new year, comes new questions. You get a chance to reflect on who you have been for the past 12 months (or, in this case, the past ten years too) and make sure you build on the things you did well, whilst avoiding repeating the same mistakes...DETAILS
The Perfect Cheeseboard
The Perfect Cheese Board It is always the right time for a cheeseboard. But still… It’s even MORE the right time when Christmas comes around. Whether you are preparing the main course, or simply hosting a few friends for appetizers and dr...DETAILS
custom oyster shucker
Shopping for Chefs: Gifts for the Chef on Your Christmas List
Any and every chef knows that one of the best gifts for the chef is an eight-inch knife. Extremely versatile and every chef’s favorite, a knife can work wonders in the kitchen. But, what if your special chef already has the knife of their dreams? C...DETAILS
pan filled with sprouts
Christmas Recipes to Spruce Up Your Dinner
Christmas is coming up fast and you’ll already be thinking about making this years Christmas Dinner your best one yet. But maybe you’ve got competition? We’ve got a couple of recipes that will guarantee you get first billing on Dece...DETAILS
3 Simple, Yet Delicious Asian Inspired Michelin Star Recipes
3 Simple, Yet Delicious Asian Inspired Michelin Star Recipes Asian inspired Michelin recipes Asian cuisine is notorious for its simple and inexpensive ingredients, easy preparation, and bold flavor. The chefs at Today’s World Kitchen know that Asia...DETAILS
Copies of the new 2014 annual Michelin restaurant guide are presented in Paris
What It Means to be a Michelin Starred Chef
Having the title “Michelin Starred” next to your name is a major achievement in the culinary world. It implies that both the chef and the restaurant have been evaluated and deemed the best of the best. Michelin Stars set the standard for ranking ...DETAILS
The Legend of Fannie Farmer and her Legacy
The legend of Fannie Farmer and her legacy. Hello and welcome back to Today’s World Kitchen. We hope you’re enjoying our grabs. Thanks to a stroke at the age of 16, Fannie Farmer became a pioneer in the cooking world. Born in Boston in 1857 to fo...DETAILS
The Origins of “Hors d’oeuvre”
The origins of "Hors d'oeuvre". Another in long line of great articles by our resident writer here at Todays World Kitchen....DETAILS
What are the 5 French Mother sauces?
What are the 5 French Mother sauces? In this article we consider the 5 classic sauces created by the master chefs throughout the ages....DETAILS
We Look at the Misconceptions Between Squid and Calamari
We look at the misconceptions between squid and calamari is another great article by our team of writers here at Todays World Kitchen and another great read...DETAILS
How to Accommodate Vegetarian’s Guest’s
How to Accommodate Vegetarian Guests Poultry, beef, seafood, and pork have been long-time staples on menus in restaurants worldwide. However, chefs today are receiving more and more requests for vegan or vegetarian menu items, and data shows this is ...DETAILS
Chef’s Table – A Must See Netflix Series
The online community for chefs at Today’s World Kitchen strives to connect the world’s greatest chefs not only with each other, but with aspiring chefs hoping to achieve great culinary success in the future. Along with providing top resources for...DETAILS
The Perfect Formal Dinner Appetizer
 Hosting a formal dinner party calls added attention to the details – from your appetizers down to the decorations. At Today’s World Kitchen, we think formal dinner parties are the perfect opportunity to serve up extraordinary, Michelin starred ...DETAILS
Simple Method’s for Cooking Salmon
 Chefs all over the world can agree that salmon is one of the most nutritious, delicious, and an easy-to-cook fish. Salmon is full of healthy fats and is easily paired with a variety of sides. One of the many things that our online community for che...DETAILS
Auguste Escoffier
One of the world's first true celebrity chefs, Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935) is credited with helping raise the status of cooking from a laborer's task to an artist's endeavor. Escoffier left a legacy of culinary writings and recipes that are indispe...DETAILS
World’s Oldest Cookbook
World’s Oldest Cookbook   Hello again from the team at Today’s World Kitchen. We trust you had a great week and hope you enjoy this week’s grab.   In the tradition of the foundations of the Today’s World Kitchen website, and the pre...DETAILS
The First Restaurant
The First Restaurant Hello again and welcome back to Today’s World Kitchen. We hope you’re enjoying our little grabs of food history! Food service can sometimes be a thankless vocation, however, it is one that has existed for a lot longer than yo...DETAILS
Melbourne’s Chinatown – A Must See!
Chinatown Melbourne Hello again and welcome back to Today’s World Kitchen! For those of you who have yet to experience the wonderful energy of Melbourne’s Chinatown and our exceptional dining scene, get on it asap! The scene is vast, not only cen...DETAILS
Michelin Star, Chef Hat Awards and the Significance
Michelin Star and Chef Hat Hello again from the team at Today’s World Kitchen! We hope you have had a good time reading! Michelin Star and Chef Hats for those of you who are new to the culinary world, we would like to prepare you for yet another im...DETAILS
Nouvelle Cuisine and What It Means to us at ‘Today’s World Kitchen’
Nouvelle Cuisine Hello again from Today’s World Kitchen! We hope you had a great week. A few posts ago, we talked about Escoffier and his influence on the culinary world. As the father of Haute Cuisine, or as it is better known, Cuisine Classique o...DETAILS
Saffron – An In-depth Look
Hello and welcome back to Today’s World Kitchen. We hope you’ve had a good week. This week we take an in depth look at “Saffron”. In the Western world, sometimes we take food for granted. As long as we are satiated, we are satisfied. ...DETAILS
Chef of the Month, Markus Glocker
Austrian born Markus Glocker grew up immersed in the hospitality industry, spending his summers and holidays working on both front and back-of-house operations at his uncle’s hotel. With the hospitality industry and experience in his blood, he disc...DETAILS
The Art Of Food Presentation
A truly satisfactory dining experience goes far beyond the flavor of the food itself. The Michelin star chefs at Today’s World Kitchen know there are many factors that join to create the ultimate dining experience; the look, the smell, the taste, t...DETAILS
A Guide to Accommodating Gluten Free Guests
 While some chefs may have mistaken “Gluten free” as a temporary fad in the culinary world, this buzz word doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Higher numbers of consumers are requesting gluten free menu items, and gluten free has become more of...DETAILS
Chef Anthony Sasso
Chef of the Month: Chef Anthony Sasso  Chef Anthony Sasso grew up in Woodstock, New York, surrounded by art, music, creativity, and a love for food. After graduating college in New York City, he began traveling with his family to a small village in ...DETAILS
New Nordic Cuisine
New Nordic Cuisine Throughout the centuries, top chefs all over the world have worked endlessly to develop a signature cuisine [Link to Recipe] that appropriately reflects the values and culture of their people. Over time, traditional Nordic food suc...DETAILS
Life of Chef Joel Robuchon
Chef Joël Robuchon: The Chef of the Century
Being the most starred Chef in the world today, Today’s World Kitchen is proud to announce Chef Joël Robuchon as the “Chef of the Century”. After opening his very own restaurant in 1981, Jamin, he received a Michelin star during his very first...DETAILS
Bowl of grain
Upcoming Food Trends of 2017
As a chef, it is important to be familiar with restaurant and food trends. With the help of McCormick & Company, a Fortune 1000 herb, spice, and flavor manufacturer, Today’s World Kitchen brings to you some food trends of 2017 to look for when ...DETAILS
The Last Supper painting
How to Cook for a Large Group
Are you ready to be the host of a large party? Your ultimate network for chefs, Today’s World Kitchen, is here to share with you some important information on how to cook for a large group, so you are properly prepared for the festivities. Stick to...DETAILS
Hardcore Chef Tattoo
Top Tools Chefs Need In Their Kitchen
If you are an aspiring chef and wondering about all of the tools chefs need in their kitchen, you are in luck. Today’s World Kitchen is a social sharing platform for chefs in order for them to share their tips, tricks, and culinary ideas. The follo...DETAILS
elegant table setting for dinner
Fine Dining Etiquette
Today’s World Kitchen renowned chefs and guests alike know that the art of good manners and fine dining etiquette are important to any restaurant setting. From what you wear to how you sit, there are different techniques and factors that play into ...DETAILS
Easy Appetizers for Your Super Bowl Menu
Easy Appetizers for Your Super Bowl Menu Super Bowl 51 is just around the corner and NFL fans nationwide will gather around televisions at their favorite pub or restaurant to show loyalty to their beloved team. If you are hoping for a big turnout thi...DETAILS
Lemon creme pies
Different Kinds of Lemon Garnishes
As a chef, one of the most fun things to do is experiment with ingredients in your dish, especially when it comes to the finishing touches. Garnishing your plate embellishes your final product, sealing in the uniqueness of your creation. What better ...DETAILS
Bowl of Soba recipes
Chef Jake Nicholson’s Organic Soba with Herbaceous Leaves, Asparagus & Marinated Tofu
Chef Jake Nicholson is an Australian chef who has worked at several top restaurants, including the Lake House in Australia, the Square in London, and the Vineyard at Stockcross in Berkshire. He is, without a doubt, one of Australia’s leading culina...DETAILS
plate of sushi
Why Chefs Appreciate Japanese Cuisine and Culture
The Japanese culture is an obsession shared by chefs and food lovers alike. So what is it about Japan’s food that fascinates everyone? Japanese cuisine has many unique features that chefs all over the world love to incorporate into their dishes...DETAILS
Alternatives to Pasta
As you do with clothing, you can dress up or dress down noodles and pasta. Make a plain pasta dish with red sauce; if you change the toppings it can become chicken parmesan. However, what are chefs to do when their greatest consumers are “bulking i...DETAILS
Chef Olivier Limousin feature Today's World Kitchen
TWK’s Featured Chef of the Month
Michelin Starred Chef Olivier Limousin Years ago, 18-year-old Olivier Limousin was too young to follow his passion of racing motorcycles and protecting diplomats, so he took up cooking in the meantime. Today, world-renowned, Michelin Starred Chef Oli...DETAILS
2016 Food Trends
Each year, a new food craze emerges and takes the culinary world by storm, wedging its way onto every restaurant menu.  By the time most chefs master how to incorporate it into their dishes, there is already a new food fad; it can be hard to keep up...DETAILS
colorful Indian spices
What Makes Indian Cuisine So unique?
Could it be the fresh spices, the intoxicating aromas, or the rich ingredients that attract so many people to Indian cuisine? The appeal of Indian food’s unique style is not restricted to the Indian people; it is enjoyed by millions everyday around...DETAILS
mixed vegetable dish
The Art of Fusion Cooking
Putting pineapple and ham on a pizza; that’s the first bit of fusion cooking we can all relate to, but it is also the simplest example of fusion. In fact, top chefs would say that it is not even really fusion cooking. The truth is that not everyone...DETAILS
Joel Robuchon restaurant
Creating Experiences in Restaurants
Experience in restaurants has always mattered, but these days it is more difficult to deliver an experience. Modern chefs understand how much of a factor experience plays in the satisfaction of the patron. Today’s World Kitchen is a chef’s co...DETAILS
8 Kitchen Hacks that are Great to Know
We all make some mistakes in the kitchen – it is inevitable. However, thanks to the extensive training and knowledge we have gathered, your online community for chefs, Today’s World Kitchen, is here to provide a few kitchen hacks to make your che...DETAILS
Parsly garden with recipes
How to Use Chinese Parsley in the Kitchen
Chinese parsley is not only a garnish, but a slightly peppery herb holding many more benefits aside from adding green to the look of your plate. Being a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, Chinese parsley is incomparable to other garnishes. To...DETAILS
From Around The Globe
Hello again and thanks for reading! In more news from around the globe,  one of many highlights about our travels through Europe last year was when we hit Italy and filmed at Michelin star restaurant “Palazzo Petrucci”. It is here where ...DETAILS