8 Awesome Kitchen Hacks that are Great to Know

We all make some mistakes in the kitchen – it is inevitable. However, thanks to the extensive training and knowledge we have gathered, your online community for chefs, Today’s World Kitchen, is here to provide a few kitchen hacks to make your chef life easier.

Rescue Your Dishes – If you happen to go overboard with a certain ingredient, there are ways to fix it. If your dish is too spicy, you can fix it with sugar or butter. If your dish happens to be too sweet, you can add some lemon juice. Of course, if your dish tastes bland, you can always add salt.

Measure Before You Cook – Although it may seem tedious when attempting to measure each ingredient before cooking, your online community for chefs highly suggests doing so. One of the smartest, and almost easiest, kitchen hack is to chop and measure all of your ingredients ahead of time so you can easily toss everything in when called for. As far as measurements go, line the counter with a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper. Any ingredients that fall or get scraped off can go back into the container with easy pouring.

Let the Knives Fall Where They MayIf your knife is about to fall off of the counter, step back and allow it to fall. Never attempt picking up a falling knife. Also, sharp knives are safer than dull ones when it comes to cooking. You can stay safe when chopping food by using “the claw grip”. Keep your knuckles in front of your fingertips at all times, while propping your thumb and pinky on the cutting board.

Use a Thumbtack for the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg – Find the air spot in an egg, poke it with a thumbtack, hard-boil the eggs as you normally would, and the shell will peel right off. You can also shake your egg aggressively for a couple of minutes before you hard-boil it to have a golden-yellow egg! Another one of your online community for chefs’ kitchen hacks regarding eggs is how to know when eggs go bad. If you drop an egg in a glass of water, a good egg will sink and a bad egg will float.

Slice it Up – Being a versatile one of our kitchen hacks, your apple slicer can double as a potato cutter for thin slices like French fries.

Soft-Serve – If you put your ice cream container in a Ziploc bag in the freezer, it will remain just as soft as if was when you first opened it.

Cool it Down – If you are sautéing onions and they begin over-browning, place an ice cube to chill down the pan. The water will evaporate and your onions will be saved.

Wine Cubes – If you some leftover wine, freeze it in ice-cube trays. You can add them to a sauce that needs extra flavor or you can put it in a glass of wine or sangria later down the road.