Any and every chef knows that one of the best gifts for the chef is an eight-inch knife. Extremely versatile and every chef’s favorite, a knife can work wonders in the kitchen. But, what if your special chef already has the knife of their dreams? Christmas shopping for chefs can be difficult, but it does not have to be. Today’s World Kitchen has compiled a short list of things the chef on your shopping list would appreciate when received as a gift.

The Frywall – Being one of our favorite gifts for the chef, the Frywall is a silicone splatter guard that goes on the inside rim of any pot or pan that guards you and the rest of the kitchen from the hurtful spattering and sizzling of the foods being prepared.

The Snap’n Strain – Allow for your chef to get the job done quicker than he normally would be a snap-on strainer. They can clip the strainer right to the edge of the pan and seamlessly pour out the liquid that’s inside without losing anything else!

Bear Paws – These hand-held “paws” are sturdy meat shredding claws, perfect for preparing pulled pork, pulled chicken, or any other food your chef wishes to strip apart.

Middleton Made Knives – The Brew Shucker is one of the best gifts for the chef when Christmas shopping this season. It is a combination of an oyster shucking knife and a bottle opener, all in one. They are easy to handle and perfect for the chef who specializes in backyard barbecues.

As chefs, we would love these gifts, so we know your chef will love them as well. Get to shopping and happy holidays from Today’s World Kitchen!