We look at the misconceptions between squid and calamari

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There has long been an assumption that there are no differences between squid and calamari. To the layperson, calamari is just the fancier name for squid, as is the common school of thought. After all, squid has a less classy reputation, and back in the day, in Australia at least, people thought squid to be tough and too much of an effort to eat.

Whatever the case, there are in fact differences between the two although the distinction is slight. Yes, calamari are squid but more specifically, calamari are a type of squid. The differences between the two, as we know them, are that calamari are generally smaller in size. Both species of squids have an ink sack, for self-defence purposes and side fins but squid fins are short and calamari fins are full body length. Thirdly, squids have arrow like flaps at the narrow end of their body as opposed to the triangular shaped flaps of calamari. And calamari are also generally more tender than squid, therefore the preferred squid to cook.

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