Chinatown Melbourne

Hello again and welcome back to Today’s World Kitchen! For those of you who have yet to experience the wonderful energy of Melbourne’s Chinatown and our exceptional dining scene, get on it asap!

The scene is vast, not only centred in a bustling CBD but spread far and wide over urban and suburban Melbourne. It is commonly known within the industry that there is access to really great cheap food, middle priced food and expensive food in Melbourne. The scene caters for a range of tastes, religions, fads, dietaries, timeframes and lifestyles.

One of many highlights, particularly for those who work in the Melbourne food scene, is Chinatown. It is interesting to note that Chinatown Melbourne is known for being one of the oldest Chinatown’s in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the most continuous Chinese settlements in the Western World, thanks to the Victorian Gold Rush. Chinatown was established with the gold rush in 1851.

Renowned Melbourne restaurants such as Longrain (40-44 Little Bourke St; ex chef Martin Boetz) Gingerboy (27-29 Crossley St; chef Teage Ezard) and Flower Drum (17 Market Lane; chef Anthony Lui) are situated through Chinatown and are definitely worth a visit.

Another place worth a mention is Supper Inn (15 Celestial Ave.) Supper Inn has been an industry favourite for many, many years. Aesthetically, Supper Inn is no oil painting but the food, efficient service and BYO license makes up for the surroundings. And most importantly, the kitchen is open until 2am!

For those who love a good old dim sim, it is interesting to note that the delicious morsel was invented in Chinatown by William Wing Young in the mid-40s as a business opportunity. It is a derivative of the humble dumpling.

Not surprisingly, Chinese food is the oldest international take away cuisine in Australia.

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