Are you ready to be the host of a large party? Your ultimate network for chefs, Today’s World Kitchen, is here to share with you some important information on how to cook for a large group, so you are properly prepared for the festivities.

Stick to What You Know – Even though it is always fun to whip up something different, when you cook for a large group, reputable networks for chefs suggest that you stick to what you know. If you do decide to give something new a try, do a test-run to make sure that you are capable of preparing the dish without encountering any obstacles, and that it will taste great when made in large quantities.

Pick Favorited Dishes –Stray away from any unusual ingredients that may be off-putting to your guests when you cook for a big group. Stick to the classics dishes that are usually featured at barbecues or family dinners. These could include chips and your homemade dip, lasagna, chicken and rice, and other fan favorites. Your trusted network for chefs also suggests adding some vegetarian options to your table.

Casseroles – Do not leave all of your cooking for the day of the party. Dishes like casseroles can be made in big batches ahead of time and can be reheated right before the party. This way, you can successfully host your party without spending all of your time in the kitchen.

Grocery Store Snacks – You can get a pie or cookies from your local grocer to save you some time on baking when you cook for a big group. Your network for chefs knows that when people come over and mingle, they are constantly snacking. Aside from pies and cookies, you can supply the party with fruit tarts. If your guests wish for something more salty than sweet, it is good to have bowls of pretzels and chips around, as well.

Drinks – It is imperative that you have plenty of drinks when you cook for a big group. It is always easiest to supply the party with a tub filled with bottles of water so they can grab-and-go. Punch is also a party necessity. The serving suggestion is about one gallon for every ten guests. For beer, wine, and other cocktails the standard is about two drinks per person every hour.

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