If you are an aspiring chef and wondering about all of the tools chefs need in their kitchen, you are in luck. Today’s World Kitchen is a social sharing platform for chefs in order for them to share their tips, tricks, and culinary ideas. The following is a short list and guide of the tools and equipment you will need in your kitchen if you want to cook like a top chef!

Quality Knives – Knifes are definitely worth the investment for any kind of chef. Whether you are cutting up onions at home, or in a restaurant filled with hundreds of people, make sure that you have your number one chef knife. Today’s World Kitchens suggests you invest most in this one knife, for it will be your favorite and most versatile tool out of all the tools chefs need in their kitchen.

Kitchen Scale – Although many chefs can eyeball ingredients after years of experience, it is important to have a kitchen scale that can measure your ingredients accurately. Out of all of the tools chefs need, a kitchen scale can help you get the same results every time you cook. Scales are also great for at-home chefs who are sticking to strict meal plans and portion-controlled diets.

Measuring Cups – Same concept as the kitchen scale, measuring cups should be used until you get extremely experienced at eyeing your ingredients and tasting for accuracy.

Cutting Boards – In order to avoid cross contamination, it is helpful to have plenty of cutting boards. This also saves time because you will not have to wash the board every time you want to cut a new ingredient. You should have at least one cutting board for uncooked meats and one for cutting fresh veggies.

Cast Iron Skillet – Out of all of the tools chefs need, what is another tool can go from freezer to cooktop, from cooktop to oven, and from oven to table? The cast iron skillet. You can cook meat, vegetables, breakfast, dessert, and everything in between with this single kitchen item. Cast iron skillets are meant to last, especially if you purchase one of good quality. Today’s World Kitchen suggests investing in one great one, or a set. Either way, this kitchen staple is one of the best to have.

There are plenty of tools chefs need in their kitchen, such as prep and mixing bowls, an instant read thermometer, tongs, and wooden spoons. Today’s World Kitchen has narrowed it down to these important tools to help you get cooking!