As a chef, one of the most fun things to do is experiment with ingredients in your dish, especially when it comes to the finishing touches. Garnishing your plate embellishes your final product, sealing in the uniqueness of your creation. What better way to garnish your dish than with lemon? Explore the many enticing attributes of the most versatile citrus fruit, with Today’s World Kitchen and our favorite lemon garnishes.

Lemon Wheel – One of the simplest lemon garnishes to decorate your plate is the lemon wheel. Today’s World Kitchen top chefs explain that all you need to do is hold the lemon so the ends are facing horizontally, then cut a thin slice of lemon vertically.

Cartwheel Twist – Cut a lemon wheel to start this garnish. Make a little slit on one side of the wheel, from the middle to the peel. Simply twist the two ends in opposite directions and then stand them up.

Curly Twist – To make these lemon garnishes, you need to begin by cutting the ends off of the lemon. Cut through the skin of the lemon until you get to the meat of the lemon. Use the knife to separate the skin from the meat, leaving only the peel. Tightly roll the entire rind into a roll. Cut the roll into thin slices to create little twists and swirls.

Star – Cut both ends off a lemon and hold the lemon between your thumb and middle finger. Cut to the center of the inside of your lemon, and make little zigzag incisions around it. Gently pull apart both sides of the lemon at the same time. This will create a little zigzag, bowl-looking lemon, or a lemon garnish star.