Chinese parsley is not only a garnish, but a slightly peppery herb holding many more benefits aside from adding green to the look of your plate. Being a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, Chinese parsley is incomparable to other garnishes. Today’s World Kitchen would like to share with you many different ways on how to use Chinese parsley in your dishes to make for the perfect plate.

Garnishing. Today’s World Kitchen states that the most traditional way to use Chinese parsley is to garnish your plate with it. You can garnish the almost-finished product with the leaf, stem, or both. The lacy foliage makes for a great pop of green to your dish.

Guacamole Greens. In order to accomplish the perfect guacamole recipe, it is vital that you add Chinese parsley to the mixture! This is an easy way on how to use Chinese parsley in your dishes.

Stir it into Stir-Fry. Toss a bit of chopped up Chinese parsley into your stir-fry right before it is finished cooking to give it great, fresh flavor.

Succulent Sour Cream. Adding Chinese parsley to your sour cream can spice up your Tex-Mex dishes, or any dish you are using sour cream for, such as a chili dish.

Kick Up Your Salad Dressing. Another great way on how to use Chinese parsley is but adding it to your salad dressings. Today’s World Kitchen chefs agree that creating your own dressings with this herb is a great touch to a special salad dish.

Recreate Your Rice. If you chop up Chinese parsley and add it to your rice, it gives off an extra refreshing taste. If you would rather just top off your rice with color, dash a bit on top.

Chop it, dice it, cut it, tear it, keep it whole. There are many different ways to use Chinese parsley in your kitchen. Enjoy your meal!