About Today’s World Kitchen

Chef Dean Silva at Sydney Opera House

I have been a Chef for many years in restaurants and onboard luxury yachts around the world.  I know the necessity to be current with the latest food trends, appreciate new flavors, develop new skills and ultimately create new dishes. And I know how it can sometimes be difficult to get the inspiration to do so.

That’s why I created Today’s World Kitchen.

The site has evolved into an innovative platform that seamlessly supplies an abundance of resources and media to Chefs – free.  And the best part – it is made by Chefs.

Our ever-increasing Video Library features World-Class Chefs from around the globe preparing and presenting their seasonally inspired Signature Dishes – allowing you to stay current with the industry and those ever-important current food trends.

And our Photo Gallery showcases an amazing array of plating techniques by all of our participating Chefs. This feast of ‘food porn’ will inspire you get creative when plating your next dish.

Our Chef Blog keeps you up to date with current Chef news as well as recipes, tips and a weekly showcase of our participating Chefs.

Our Chef Profiles give you an insight into all of our participating Chefs’ minds – where they get their inspiration to who they would most like to cook for. The profiles also showcase the videos and photos of each Chef’s stunning Signature Dishes as well as links to their social media and restaurant/s and any cookbooks, products or charities they have chosen to share.

I am extremely proud of what Today’s World Kitchen has become – a world-class website for Chefs around the globe to learn, to share and to inspire.

Thank you for dropping by.

Please contact me with any questions or queries you may have, or if you would like to become a participating Chef.
I would love to have you onboard!


Dean Silva
CEO and Founder of TWK