The Perfect Cheese Board

It is always the right time for a cheese board. Whether you are preparing a main course, or simply hosting a few friends for appetizers and drinks, preparing the perfect cheese board is made simple with our online community for chefs at Today’s World Kitchen.

These four kinds of cheeses deserve a spot on the perfect cheese board:

Aged Cheese: Aged cheeses tend to be sharp with a firmer texture. Examples are Cheddar, Gruyere, Manchego, Gouda, and Parmesan.

Soft Cheese: Soft cheeses are usually mild and creamy, and they’re great for spreading on crackers. Soft cheeses are brie, Boursault, Camembert, Goat, and Feta.

Blue Cheese: Blue cheese tends to give off a pungent taste. Creamy blue cheeses are generally milder than crumbly cheeses. For the perfect cheese board, add some Maytag Blue Cheese, Point Reyes Blue, Roquefort, Stilton, Gorgonzola, Cabrales, Curd, or Danablu.

Firm Cheese: Firmer cheeses tend to have less moisture in them. Try something a bit sweeter like a Mimolette.

Don’t let these cheeses stand alone. To complete the perfect cheese board, our online community for chefs recommend adding the following accompaniments:

Honey – adding honeycomb to your board brings the perfect amount of sweetness to pair with your cheese. We recommend drizzling it on top of goat cheese.

Fruit – add grapes, fresh figs, and strawberries. These add fresh flavor and bring color to your board.

Nuts – candied walnuts and marcona almonds add an earthy flavor, and make for a delicious garnish.

Crackers – Using different sizes and textures of crackers and bread sticks gives your cheese board some extra personality and creates a great pairing system with the variety of flavors. Try olive oil or sea salt crackers that are firm enough to hold toppings.