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RT @PerSeNY: Black Winter Truffle Carpaccio | Yukon Gold Potatoes, English Peas, Toasted Almonds, and Sweet Carrots #…
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Short promo video for our website re=launch.
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Short promo video for our website re=launch.
RT @PerSeNY: Australian Black Winter Truffles - The season is off to a great start! Thank you @mike1226 @UrbaniTruffles #purveyors #truffle…
RT @ReneRedzepiNoma: Mulberries (Morus rubra) - this could possibly be the best berry of them all. The deep red color is almost an omen for…
RT @PerSeNY: Cauliflower Panna Cotta, Oyster Gelée, Squid Ink Tempura and Royal Kaluga Caviar by @regiisova #itsallaboutfinesse https://t.c…
Chef Pablo: Crema Catalina - Tiramisu style Sous Chef Pablo talks us through this decadent dessert from inside the walls of La Castanya (now 'My Fucking Kitchen') restaurant in Barcelona, Spain.
Chef Nicola Drago: Secret Iberian Pork Go behind the scenes with this now not-so-secret Iberian pork dish, whipped up by Chef Nicola Drago and Sous Chef Pablo. La Castanya (now 'My Fucking Kitchen') Barcelona, Spain.
Chef Nicola Drago: Oysters with Chardonnay Vinegar, Shallots & Albariño air Chef Nicola Drago shows us this amazing oyster dish from his restaurant La Castanya (now "My Fucking Kitchen") in Barcelona, Spain.
The Chef's Knife · Today's World Kitchen For a chef, the knife is their most important tool. And everyone else agrees - at more than two million years old, the knife is considered one of the most ...
Rest In Peace Mr Bourdain, you were the dude and a Chefs, Chef.
What is a Vegan? · Today's World Kitchen A vegan is someone who practices a life in favor of animal rights. Vegans eat a plant-based diet free from animal products and by-products. The term ‘vegan’ was coined by ...
Nuts and Legumes · Today's World Kitchen What is a Nut? In botanical terms, a nut is classified as a fruit with an edible seed encased in a hard, inedible shell. True nuts include the pecan, acorn ...
Salty Concerns: Are You Eating Too Much Salt? · Today's World Kitchen SALTY CONCERNS: ARE YOU EATING TOO MUCH SALT? Salt has a healthy history Salt has a long and important history. It has always been a prominent part of our evolution, ...
UNILAD Just coz why not!
The perfect gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, low calorie vegan recipe ✌️😂
Today's World Kitchen shared a video.
2 Michelin starred chef Markus Glocker's Tomato Ice Cream, Compressed Melons and Fried Basil An absolute classic from our archives. Chef Markus Glocker's Tomato Ice Cream, Compressed Melons, Fried Basil and Hibiscus Salt Full Name: Markus Glocker Restaura...
Chef Alessandro Frau, 45 minute slow cooked egg. Such a pleasure to work with this gentleman chef. Chef Alessandro Frau, Acqua restaurant, Phuket, Thailand. 45 minute slow cooked egg on a parmesan cheese fondue, fresh black truff...
Chef Matt Macartney of "Chateau Yering" chargrilled Calamari and Australian Marron. And yet another stunning dish from our archives.
Chef Matt Macartney of "Chateau Yering" chargrilled Calamari and Australian Marron. Full Name: Mathew Macartney Restaurant...
Australian Gourmet Traveller Wonderful article about TWK Family Member Nic Poelaert.
Is Newcastle home to Australia's best eclair? If these decadent creations are anything to go by it would appear so. So who's ...
2 Hat awarded chef Stuart Bell's, rhubarb, cashmere goat cheese snow, rhubarb, celery,mint sorbet. The incredibly talented chef Stuart Bell from the winery of 'Ten Minutes by Tractor".
2 Hat awarded chef Stuart Bell's, rhubarb, cashmere goat cheese snow, rhubarb, celery,mint sorbet. Full ...
2 Hat awarded chef Scott Pickett, Estelle Bar & Kitchen

Pheasant, charred baby corn, quince and fresh chestnuts.

This little gem is courtesy of my dear friend Scott Pickett at "Estelle Bar & Kitchen".

I first met Scott over ...
Michelin starred chef Pascal Aussignac's cheese flower with crunchy grapes. Pt.2 Chef Pascal Aussignac's Brine Duck Foie Gras, Pickled Mirabelles & Aromatic Greengage Pt.2

Full Name: Pascal Aussignac
Restaurant: Club Gascon
Resides: London
Trained: Paris
Mentors: Guy Savoy
Favourite Chef/s: ...

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The new cookbook selections are here! Dean liked the new cookbook from Pascal Ausignac – besides great recipes it also has tips on technique.

cuisinier_gascon coverCuisinier Gascon:
Meals from a Gascon Chef by Pascal Aussignac



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